Animal Aid Society is monitoring developments regarding COVID-19. Please be assured that our top priority is the health and safety of all visitors, volunteers, and our pups. We are consulting the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Virginia Department of Health and local public health authorities.

We are maintaining our normal operational hours of 9am-12 pm every day. We are requiring the use of masks whenever someone is within 10 feet of another person.

AAS will be revising this message as necessary. To stay informed on COVID-19, visit cdc.gov for the latest updates.

We ask those who have recently traveled to a high-risk country, had any exposure to symptomatic or confirmed positive cases, confirmed positive themselves, or are displaying symptoms but have not been tested, refrain from visiting our facility for the time being.

Donations of hand sanitizer and clean old towels/wash cloths are much appreciated!

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Society shall be to provide to/and or for animals, other than man, shelter, medical aid, care and protection, to act as a placement agency for animals in good health, and to provide education for the humane care and treatment of animals, and to attempt to prevent cruelty to animals. We are a nonprofit organization that receives no funding from state or federal agencies. All of the funds required to maintain the shelter and care for the dogs come from donations and special fund-raising events. Donations to the shelter are tax deductible.

Our dogs are not euthanized for space. This means that new dogs can only be accepted by the shelter when we have an available kennel.

All of our dogs are:

Examined by a veterinarian
Receive medical care as needed
Current on vaccinations
Spayed or neutered
Regularly walked and exercised
Socialized and loved
Temperament tested

Adopters are able to register the microchip for free and no annual renewal fees are required.