Breed: Black Lab

Weight: A curvy 123 lbs

Age: 6 yrs

Sex: Male

Intake Date: 04/02/2019

DOB: Unknown

If you are looking for a big dog to love, Bay-Leigh is your boy...your BIG boy!  As with most labs, Bay-Leigh is easy going, friendly, and obedient. He knows sit, stay, and down.  His only fear is thunder and the vacuum! He loves belly rubs,  car rides and doesn’t care if you come close to his food (which he must have had a lot of by the size of him).  Bay-Leigh needs some long walks around the block to get back to an appropriate lab’s weight! He is so sweet and gentle and needs someone to give him some tough love by cutting down on his treats and meal portions.

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Children: Yes

Cats: Never been introduced

Dogs: Yes; good with other dogs

Resource Guarding: No

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