2020 Board Members

Sharon Bilyj


I first came to Animal Aid Society in 2012 as an adopter. I began fostering puppies that were too young to beat the shelter and segued into volunteering on-site with the Friday crew in 2016. My
involvement with the shelter spread to joining the Events Committee in 2017. In 2018, I was
elected to the Board, became President and served as the Shelter Manager for the majority of
the year. 

With a second term I will continue the work of transforming our facility into one
 provides the best environment possible for the dogs in our care.

Kelly Loer

Vice President

I came to Animal Aid Society in 2014 looking to heal after the passing of my dog. I started as a kennel
attendant & in 2015 began managing our social media. The dogs & their well-being are our top

Diane Witiak

Vice President

I began volunteering at AAS in mid Jan 2005 and am about to celebrate 15 years at the shelter.
I promised myself when I retired that I would devote time to help animals in need and assist in
finding permanent homes for them. Finding the Animal Aid Society with its no-kill policy was
the perfect fit for me.

I serve as shiftleader on Thursdays and also volunteer on Tuesdays. I've served on the board in
the past, was treasurer for 2 years, worked with the adoption committee and served as chair
for several years. I also handle one or two home visits each month for AAS dogs who
have recently been adopted in Hampton.

I want to do all I can to assist in the rebuilding of AAS to ensure there will always be a no-kill shelter in Hampton for homeless, abandoned, abused and stray dogs. Just as AAS's structure has significantly changed since its inception in 1971, I hope to play a role in the rebuild of a state-of-the art facility that serves as a role model for other rescue organizations throughout Virginia.

Pam Oakes


I’m retired from civil service after 32 years. My background is finance, management, and
personnel. I started volunteering at Animal Aid Society in March of 2017. I have always loved animals, particularly dogs. I waited to come to the shelter after my elderly dogs passed. I came to the shelter
because I want to help dogs and hopefully make their lives better while at shelter. I’m
assistant shift leader on Thursdays. I have also filled in for a few other shifts and have worked
several evening shifts. I have helped with a few events, yard sale, mistletoe photos and
supported other events.

I hope to bring some of my management/finance expertise to the board and shelter to help
with the expansion we will go through for the next few years.

Mona Komljenovich


My journey with AAS started over 20 years ago as a Pet Pal. About this time the shelter
received a very scared Rottweiler who had not lived a very good life. His name was
Windermere. I fell in love with him and came as often as I could to spend time with him. Being
a Rottweiler not everyone was comfortable with him so I was allowed to go behind the gates
to get him. This lead me to be able to spend time getting to know the volunteers and realize
this was something I needed to do – help the dogs.

Ann Knipple

Member at Large

A love of all animals, especially dogs, from toddler-hood, curiosity and desire to give support
and assistance to a respected no-kill rescue brought me to AAS October 1999.
I am a Saturday shift pooper scooper (20 years), Adoption Committee Chair, Adoption
Committee, Medical transport, Intake assistant, Wednesday night meds, Shelter Manager
Committee, former Shift leader, Board Member and Treasurer.

I will continue to lead by example. Focusing on care, health, welfare and emotional needs of
the dogs. The goal is adoption into a loving, caring, and financially stable home so the dog can
be a valued addition to a family.

Pam Christensen

Member at Large

I was invited to volunteer at Animal Aid Society in October 2005 by a neighbor who
volunteered on Tuesday. I was very excited to be part of the then only no-kill shelter in
Hampton Roads.

I have served one term on the board, as Intake Coordinator and as team leader on Tuesdays
for the past few years. Over the years I have participated in dog washes, training programs and
other special events at the Shelter.

When I began volunteering 14 years ago I just wanted to help rescue dogs. I want to help rescue dogs and be an integral part of the future of Animal Aid Society. In 2020 we can either move forward, remain stagnant or worse cease to exist. With proper leadership AAS has the resources, the opportunity to expand, to rescue even more dogs, to automate and to become the best shelter in all of Virginia.

After all...our dogs deserve the very best that we can give them!

Stephanie Muraca-Grabowski

Member at Large

In 2017, while scouring the web for dog photos, I stumbled across Animal Aid Society's website. One
dog in particular stood out – Bucky. He looked like a gargoyle. I had to meet him... and I was


I’m a Sunday-shift volunteer, Adoption Committee and Shelter Manager Committee
member, and Training Coordinator. I love everything about Animal Aid Society – the dogs, of
course, but also the people. I’m awed by the selfless dedication of the volunteers who show
up, rain or shine, sacrificing time with family and friends to get down in the mud with the dogs
(I keep telling myself that the brown stuff is JUST mud...), care for them, and love them. I don’t
think MY vision for the future matters – what matters is the collective vision of the volunteers
whose time in the runs makes the difference between a “warehouse for homeless dogs,” and
a “haven for homeless dogs.” 

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