Breed: Poodle / Bichon X

Age: 8 yrs

DOB: Unknown

Weight: 18 lbs

Sex: Male

Intake Date: 10/19/19

Qualifies for our Senior Adoption Program. AAS will provide financial assistance on extended medical care for the remainder of his life. Click here for more details on this program. 


This adorable little man was surrendered to us due to the failing health of his former owner. He likes going for walks and prefers to be accompanied on potty breaks in the backyard. Talkative and friendly, he is always down for a belly rub. Great with kids as young as 5, he waits on them to give him the petting he so desires. Sudden noises startle him (doorbell or a car coming down the driveway) and will cause him to bark. No resource guarding here; Gideon is fine with sharing his toys with you and will enthusiastically engage in tug. Can’t you imagine coming home to this sweet face? Doesn’t that just fill your heart with happy? If so, ask to meet Gideon today! 


House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Children: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Dogs:Yes; has only met small dogs

Resource Guarding: None known

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