Hi! My Name Is Wednesday

We're happy to tell you that Wednesdayhas a new furever home.
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Per her intake submission:

Sweet, loving and gentle. She is a bit willful but she's a very cuddly dog. Motivated by treats.
I got the dog from another shelter, she came in as a stray (was told she's was around 7-8 in age). I believe that she was someone's dog since she knew basic commands, had an affinity towards sitting on the couch, and was a picky eater (allowed table scraps, so didn't eat her dog food at first). She also had a skin condition and moderate hip dysplasia. She has small cataracts in the middle of her cornea, but it doesn't really affect her vision. She is housebroken, she ignores cats completely and loves calm dogs her size or smaller. Bigger dogs intimidate her. She loves people and will go to them willingly for pets and cuddles. She's good around small children.

She doesn't bark in the house, and has no separation anxiety. However, she does have general anxiety (and Shepherd's whine) that is also helped by taking the CBD given to her for her hips. She has severe carsickness (mitigated through CBD as well). Her leash manners still need some work. She is not toy motivated, even with treats. She's not really a dog for running, as she resists being pulled. Yelling confuses her, and she's a bit hand shy, but has progressed very well. She also was afraid of men when I first brought her home; she's still cautious, but she has come a long way from literally freaking out.