Ellie (Eleanor)

Hi! My Name Is Ellie (Eleanor)

Ellie is a great dog! She loves to run in a tall fenced back yard, loves other dogs but is very dominant and can sometimes play rough, loves to bring us dead animals (groundhogs, squirrels, possum), and loves to eat meat! Ellie was abused prior to us rescuing her, she is terrified of Black men and will show aggressive / scared behaviors. She has some separation anxiety and will bark upon being left alone. We played music for her when we would leave the home to help. She is crate trained but we never kenneled her when leaving, but she does like a place to go lay down by herself and be alone. She typically patrolled the house. She does enjoy the company of other dogs, preferably larger dogs (50 pounds and above), but needs to be introduced in a controlled manner. When boarding, she loved attending puppy day care and typically did well. She can bark a lot sometimes (people walking / other animals outside), but is trained with a tone / vibrate shock collar. Ellie can be an escape artist, she is very good at finding weak spots in a fence but she will always come home or play cat and mouse to come back. Best not to let her escape because she loves freedom and loves to be chased. Ellie does not do well with young children, but older child she is fine with. She snapped at our 9 month old as he was becoming more mobile crawling and attempting to walk. Ellie overall is a big cuddle bug who would love to sit by your feet or on your lap at the end of the day or sleep with you. She bathes easily, doesn't mind having her nails trimmed and allows you to clean her ears. She does seem like a big meany when out and about, but it's her attempting to be dominate. She loves the beach! Ellie needs a harness to walk and a sometimes a gentle leader, she cannot be off the leash outside the yard unless you intend on chasing her. She loves car rides and all sorts of meat / cheese treats and foods - raw bones, cheese sticks, jerky, ground meats. When her belly is upset from stress, she loves chicken and rice. She typically free feeds throughout the day and drinks a lot of water. She enjoys and does well with Taste of the Wild foods (wet / dry) as well as Diamond Naturals (beef, lamb). She doesn't typically play with toys, but she does love stuffed ones, ropes and kiddy pools. She really is a loving, cuddly dog who loves her ears massaged and belly rubbed. Very protective of her people!
  • Hound - Bloodhound & Retriever - Black Labrador
  • Female
  • Youth (2-5 Years)
  • Black & Black and White
  • High Energy
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Only Like Big Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
Special Needs (Emotional)
Experienced Dog Owner Required,  Fenced Yard Required,  Has Separation Anxiety
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