Events Committee

After working a regular shift for three (3) months you may wish to join the Events Committee. When the request is processed and approved the assignments are as follows: On a regular basis, several local businesses (i.e., PetSmart, Care-a-Lot,Petco), allow us to show our dogs, tell who we are, what we do, and educate the public about the welfare and care of canines. We participate in various Peninsular events and also plan and conduct our own events. For each business, a table is used to display handouts, literature, posters, donation jars and when appropriate, we sell printed AAS T-shirts/sweatshirts and other dog related items. Volunteer participation is scheduled by shifts and a minimum of two volunteers is required for each shift. Activities that permit a dog to be present must include a volunteer familiar with the dogs. Donation jars are placed in many shops, businesses and vet's offices and require a volunteer to make a monthly pickup of the monies. We arrange a yard sale once a year on the shelter grounds. We take part in other special events (i.e., taking Christmas photos), for which funds are received for our participation. An experienced volunteer will always accompany a new volunteer.


EVENTS PROJECTS: Throughout the year, various fundraising projects are initiated. Most of these projects, (i.e., making dog bandanas, dog gift baskets, etc.), can be done in the home using supplies that are donated or purchased. Raising funds is necessary to keep our shelter operational and your time and ideas are most welcome!


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