Breed: Lab X

Age: >1 year

DOB: January 2019

Weight: 40 lbs

Sex: Male

I am a total water baby - I LOVE to play in the paddle pool. I don't l just splash around, I will completely submerge myself; which makes it a lot of fun for the volunteers when they need to handle me after! I'm an energetic pup who plays well with others. I'm young and strong so my play can look a little rough...but the other dogs don't seem to mind! I do very well on a leash and love going for walk to smell all the things. If you are looking for an all around happy go lucky kinda fella, I may be your man!


House trained: Unknown

Crate trained: Unknown 

Children: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Yes, good with other dogs

Resource Guarding: Unknown

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Sharon Bilyj