Jane & Marilyn


Breed: Great Pyrenees

Age: 2 yrs & 5 Months

Weight:  lbs

Sex: Female

Intake Date: 1/11/2020

These chunky goofballs were brought to us when their family could not properly care for them. Bonded sisters who have lived together for their entire lives, we are trying to find them a home together. For those not familiar with this breed, a quick Google search will reveal: The Great Pyrenees is probably the most powerful breed in existence. Fortunately, the breed is known as the “gentle giant” and carries a kinpdly nature with its immense frame. They are obedient, loyal, and affectionate but capable of guarding. Adult Pyrs are typically placid by nature and calm in the house. If you are looking for double the adorable to add to your pack, please ask to meet Jayne & Marilyn today!

House Trained: No

Crate Trained: No

Children: Yes; good with children

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Yes 

Resource Guarding: None known

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