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Low Cost Veterinary Services

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No More Chasin' Tails

A non-profit low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinic

Our Mission: to provide low cost spay/neuter services to the public and rescues; to help end homelessness and senseless euthanasia in our shelters.


Affordable Veterinary Services


Affordable Veterinary Services of VA is located inside all Care-A-Lot Pet Supply stores.  In addition to our locations in Care-A-Lot Pet Supply, our Mobile Wellness Clinic is now "on the move".  Follow us on Facebook for location dates and times.  Affordable Veterinary Services of Virginia is a low cost option for your dog or cat's vaccines, heartworm testing, leukemia testing, fecal parasite testing, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention.....and more.

Affordable Veterinary Services of Virginia was developed with the concept of providing high quality veterinary care at an affordable price.  In an effort to provide such services, we operate in a manor that is different from a traditional veterinary hospital/clinic.  We provide vaccines, basic diagnostic testing (heartworm tests and feline leukemia tests), heartworm and deworming medications, flea prevention and other WELLNESS services.  We are not a full service veterinary hospital.  And by limiting what we offer, we are able to keep our operating costs down so that we are able to pass that savings on to you, the pet owner.  We do this without compromising the quality that you would expect for your pets' health care.

We accept walk-ins, there are no income restrictions, and there are NO HIDDEN FEES!!  

And, we ALWAYS take our competitors' coupons.


PetVet Clinic | Tractor Supply Co.

Our affordable veterinarian clinics inside Tractor Supply Co. stores can save you significant cost off yearly vaccinations for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

State licensed veterinarians administer high-quality vaccines and microchips* with no appointment and no office visit fees. Simply show up during the clinic hours, it's that easy.

Our Medical Directors are constantly striving to determine the best quality services offered. We recommend services for pets in each stage of their life.

*in select stores

Note: Do a 25 mile radius search from 23669 for information on locations in Gloucester, Smithfield and Suffolk.

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VBSPCA Low Cost Medical Clinic

VBSPCA Veterinary Clinic serves households earning $65,000 or less per year. All clients will be asked to provide proof of income by presentation of their most recent tax return form before services are delivered. If you are unable to present a tax return form, or if you income has significant changed since your most recent filing, please bring in an alternative form of government documentation. Because of the overpopulation of pets, our clinic only serves animals who have been spayed or neutered, or who have a pre-paid appointment to be altered.

Spay/Neuter services are not income restricted, as we encourage all owners to choose to spay, or neuter their pets! Vaccines, wellness testing and prevention are also available at the time of surgery.


Helping Hands

Our mission is to see that no animal goes without the surgery or dental care they need due to prohibitive high cost. Why do we do it? Because we believe in what we do, we love the animals and simply put… we don’t want to see an animal put to sleep or go without because of limited finances.

Over 40% of the U.S. Population is within one day’s drive to Helping Hands.
They have negotiated pet-friendly rates for local hotels; visit website for more details.


PADS - Pet Affordable Dentistry and Surgery

This is a program initially designed and begun in late 2014  to provide needed surgical or dental care for pets who may otherwise be unable to receive it due to financial reasons.  We wanted  to use our helping hands to allow people to take care of their furry friends.  We were so gratified with the results of the program and the many pets and their owners that we have helped, that we have decided to completely devote our practice to this.

The goal of this program is to provide high-quality, yet affordable surgical and dental care for your pet.


Animal Resources of Tidewater

Animal Resources of Tidewater since 1999 has changed and grown to meet the needs of the community. Through grants and donations, we have proudly established programs to improve the lives of companion animals in Hampton Roads: SpayHR, Community Medical Assistance, Legislative Policy Advocacy and the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.


ART’s Medical Assistance program is designed to help families keep their pets healthy and out of the shelter when going through a difficult time financially. For qualifying applicants, we may assist with routine care, some diagnostic tests and surgeries. The prognosis must be favorable to receive assistance. This is a one time help with a pet’s need. We cannot provide long term health care. We require that all healthy dogs and cats in the family be spayed or neutered. If not altered we will schedule in the near future. (If necessary financial aid is given for spay/neuter). Please do not apply if you will not allow for your pets to be altered.


Paws in Need

We have established this non profit in order to continue assisting pet owners in need of financial support.  The cost of surgeries and emergency vet visits can become costly, our goal is to assist those who have exhausted all measures to cover the care their pet needs.


Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their families cannot afford surgical or other veterinary care. Families must often make the difficult decision to put a pet down or neglect the pet’s medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Paws In Need is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost:


  • To promote the importance and improve access to medical veterinary care.

  • To educate the community about pet welfare in Hampton Roads and reduce euthanasia of treatable and/or adoptable pets.

  • To provide medical funding for life-saving/improving procedures when families are unable to afford care.

  • To provide informative resources about programs in place that support Hampton Roads communities and their pets.

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