Mission Statement 

The Animal Aid Society is a "No-Kill" dog shelter. The purpose of the Society shall be to provide to/and or for animals, other than man, shelter, medical aid, care and protection, to act as a placement agency for animals in good health, and to provide education for the humane care and treatment of animals, and to attempt to prevent cruelty to animals. We are a nonprofit organization that receives no funding from state or federal agencies. All of the funds required to maintain the shelter and care for the dogs come from donations and special fund-raising events. Donations to the shelter are tax deductible.

Our dogs are not euthanized. Dogs are kept at the shelter until placed in a home; However, this means that new dogs can only be accepted by the shelter after previous ones have been adopted or permanently placed in foster care.

All of our dogs are:

  • Examined by a veterinarian

  • Receive medical care as needed

  • Current on vaccinations

  • Spayed or neutered

  • Regularly walked and exercised

  • Socialized and loved

  • Temperament tested

  • Micro-chipped

Adopters will be able to register the micro-chip at no cost and no annual renewal fees are required.

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