Breed: Hound

Age: >1 year

DOB: Unknown

Weight: 25 lbs

Sex: Female

Intake Date: 6/22/19

Dainty Olivia finds herself in need of a new home with the relocation of her family overseas. She is a sweet, quiet, inquisitive, and playful lass who will still has plenty of puppy in her. Being so young, she may have a little bit of growing to do, but we don’t anticipate her getting much larger. Hounds love outdoor adventures - supervised or not! Her former family advised that she will try to dig out of the backyard, so she will need supervision when out for potty breaks and someone who is savvy to dogs with ninja skills that like to slip out doors.

Housetrained: Yes

Crate Trained: No

Children: Yes; Good with children

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Unknown (has shown promise)

Resource Guarding: None known

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