Pam Christensen

Member at Large

I was invited to volunteer at Animal Aid Society in October 2005 by a neighbor who volunteered on Tuesday. I was very excited to be part of the then only no-kill shelter in Hampton Roads.

I have served one term on the board, as Intake Coordinator and as team leader on Tuesdays for the past few years. Over the years I have participated in dog washes, training programs and other special events at the Shelter.



When I began volunteering 14 years ago I just wanted to help rescue dogs. I want to help rescue dogs and be an integral part of the future of Animal Aid Society. In 2020 we can either move forward, remain stagnant or worse cease to exist. With proper leadership AAS has the resources, the opportunity to expand, to rescue even more dogs, to automate and to become the best shelter in all of Virginia.

After all…our dogs deserve the very best that we can give them!