Stephanie Muraca-Grabowski

Member at Large



In 2017, while scouring the web for dog photos, I stumbled across Animal Aid Society’s website. One dog in particular stood out – Bucky. He looked like a gargoyle. I had to meet him… and I was hooked.

I’m a Sunday-shift volunteer, Adoption Committee and Shelter Manager Committee member, and Training Coordinator. I love everything about Animal Aid Society – the dogs, of course, but also the people. I’m awed by the selfless dedication of the volunteers who show up, rain or shine, sacrificing time with family and friends to get down in the mud with the dogs (I keep telling myself that the brown stuff is JUST mud…), care for them, and love them. I don’t think MY vision for the future matters – what matters is the collective vision of the volunteers whose time in the runs makes the difference between a “warehouse for homeless dogs,” and a “haven for homeless dogs.”