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Affordable Veterinary Services of Virginia is a low cost option for your dog or cat’s vaccines, heartworm testing, leukemia testing, fecal parasite testing, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention…..and more.

We accept walk-ins, there are no income restrictions, and there are NO HIDDEN FEES!!


ART focuses the majority of its resources on lifesaving programs such as spay/neuter, medical assistance to keep animals in homes and legislative advocacy to ensure better laws for animals and the people who love and serve them.


A non-profit low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinic

Our Mission: to provide low cost spay/neuter services to the public and rescues; to help end homelessness and senseless euthanasia in our shelters.


The Peninsula Pet Pantry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by a group of animal lovers in Yorktown that provides temporary pet food and basic supply assistance to pet owners facing hardship.


This is a program initially designed and begun in late 2014  to provide needed surgical or dental care for pets who may otherwise be unable to receive it due to financial reasons.  We wanted  to use our helping hands to allow people to take care of their furry friends.


Our mission is to see that no animal goes without the surgery or dental care they need due to prohibitive high cost. Why do we do it? Because we believe in what we do, we love the animals and simply put… we don’t want to see an animal put to sleep or go without because of limited finances.

Over 40% of the U.S. Population is within one day’s drive to Helping Hands.


State licensed veterinarians administer high-quality vaccines and microchips in select stores with no appointment and no office visit fees. Simply show up during the clinic hours, it’s that easy.

Note: Do a 25 mile radius search from 23669 for information on locations in Gloucester, Smithfield and Suffolk.


The primary goal of our emergency fund is to help owners in a financial bind preventing their pet from receiving medical care. Our fund is not to be used for routine care such as vaccines, grooming, nail trims, or wellness visits.  The purpose of this fund is to assist pet owners who are needing funds for life saving procedures and immediate urgent care for their pets.



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