Breed: Korean Jindo X

Weight: 20 lbs

Age: 1 years

Sex: Female

Intake Date: 12/24/2018

DOB: 1/24/2018

Look at this face! I mean, LOOK AT IT! This photo does not do the adorableness that is Rosie justice...


Rosie: "I’m a bit like a fun-sized candy bar - tiny and super sweet! I want to be involved with whatever you are doing. Just call me nosy Rosie! As a young pup, I will need a family that can give me plenty of play time so that I don't become bored/destructive and will be willing to work on me with basic manners as I finish growing. Fun fact: I have double dangling dew claws on my hind legs!"

House trained: No

Crate trained: No

Children: Yes; playful

Cats: Yes; playful

Dogs: Yes; good with dogs

Resource Guarding: None known

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