Senior Dog Special

Dogs attain the rank of senior once they become 7 years old. They are the most overlooked in shelters, but can be great companions for everyone in the family. Most are calmer and less energetic than young dogs, and love to cuddle the day away in addition to enjoying a brisk walk. Their personalities are already known, and they have a tremendous amount of love to give with gratitude for choosing them.

Adopting a senior dog from Animal Aid has several benefits:

  • Adoption fee is $80.00 (half of the regular price)

  • Animal Aid pays for all non-routine vet care for the remainder of the dog's life. Does not include routine vet care such as annual exams, vaccines, heart worm test, fecal exams, HeartGuard and flea prevention products.

The special friendship you share with a senior grows stronger knowing you gave them a second chance to live out their golden years in a loving home. The sun setting is just as beautiful as the sun rising. . . adopt a senior pet. Their time with you is more important than your time with them.

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