Found a stray?

As a no-kill shelter, we cannot accept a dog unless we have an open kennel. Because our ability to accept new dogs is limited by space, we must be careful in which dogs are accepted. Every dog must pass a temperament test administered on site. This ensures that the dog will not be a danger to our volunteers and can be placed in a playgroup with other dogs. 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We have established a Pit Bull Ambassador Program with Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter to help rescue Pit Bulls that find themselves at municipal shelters. At this time, we are only transferring Pit Bulls from Peninsula Regional and are unable to accept Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mixes.

Our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe home for dogs until we can find them a new home and loving family. As a private organization, we do not receive monetary support from state or local authorities and rely on the generosity of our community to carry out our mission. We do not have a set surrender fee, but would appreciate a donation that will be used toward medical care, food, and housing for your dog while he/she is with us.