Our goal is to help you find your new FOREVER family-member!

Each of our dogs is unique, with their own likes, activity-level, and needs. Not every dog fits every lifestyle, so we encourage you to spend time with the dog you select, and make sure they’re the right fit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I adopt from AAS?
Come to the shelter any day between 9am and noon, get to know the dog(s) you select, and then complete an adoption application. There is no fee to apply. The only way to apply is by completing the paper form we’ll give you at the shelter – there is no online form.

Every human who lives in your home must come to the shelter and meet the dog(s) you’re interested in adopting. Surprises can be fun, but not necessarily with pets. We want to make sure everyone in your home is comfortable with the dog, and that the dog is comfortable with everyone in your home!

What if I have another dog(s)?
After you’ve met our dog, bring your dog(s) to the shelter for an introduction (this can be on a different day).

Please bring proof that your dog is up-to-date on vaccines and on monthly heartworm prevention (all of our dogs are!).

What if I have a cat/other pets?

We will NOT ask you to bring your cat, bunny, chicken, etc., to the shelter for a meeting. We will let you know if the dog you selected is not a good fit for a home with cats/other small animals (based on prior history, behavior, and/or observed prey drive).

Please be prepared to provide proof that your cat is up-to-date on vaccines

How long does the application process take?
Usually, between 2-5 days. We need to contact your references, your vet’s office if you have other pets, and your rental office/leasing agent if you rent (to make sure our dog conforms to your community’s pet/breed/size policy).
How much does it cost to adopt from AAS?

Our adoption fee is $300 for puppies-adult dogs, and $150 for senior dogs (senior determination is based on the dog’s age/size). We are 100% volunteer-run and operated, so all of that money goes right back to caring for our dogs.

  • Medical Policy: AAS will cover treatment costs for certain pre-existing medical conditions, even after you bring the dog home!
  • Senior Policy: AAS will cover many non-routine medical costs for senior dogs, up to $1000 per year, even after you bring the dog home!