Volunteering with AAS

Join us in our mission to provide a safe haven for homeless dogs in our community! As a volunteer-run organization, we cannot carry out our live saving efforts without the help of someone just like you! Check out some of the vital roles below to find out more. When you’re ready, fill out the volunteer application below and contact us to set up a date for a safety orientation.


Kennel Caretaker

The shelter houses approximately 30-35 dogs and is open from 9:00 am to 12 pm seven days a week regardless of weather conditions. Each day, required medications are given, appropriate dogs are let out for free-time, and then the other dogs are let out to play.  One person usually works in the kitchen to wash dog food bowls, prepare meals and answer the phone. The remaining volunteers police the grounds inside the shelter and the dogs’ runs for waste. Next, they sweep the concrete floors and put fresh buckets of water inside each run. After kennels have been attended to, dogs are walked outside, brushed and loved on. For the first few shifts, new volunteers will be paired with an experienced volunteer to learn the shelter routine and the dogs’ personalities.

Note: You must be 18 years or older to volunteer for this opportunity.

Dog Companion

Dog Companion

Love spending time with dogs? We need dog companions!

As a dog companion you will have several duties:

1) Enrich- Find out what your dog enjoys doing, and do it (e.g., brushing, puzzle toys, agility-type activities, car rides, laying in the sun, napping in Baxter’s Bungalow, snuggling, playing fetch or tug, etc.).

2) Monitor- Watch your dog; look for signs that something’s "off." Bad breath? Constant licking/scratching? Limping? Rapid weight loss? Sudden changes in "mood" or temperament? Concerning behaviors (fear, defensiveness, reactivity, etc.)? Report these immediately to the Medical Coordinator and Training Coordinator.

3) Document - Take note of your dog’s likes/dislikes. What are their favorite activities? What startles them? How do you calm them down? This information will go in our Training Updates so all volunteers can better understand your dog, and will be used by the Adoption Committee to help AAS place your dog in the right forever home.

How to become a Companion:

Complete a 16-hour probation period - During regular shift hours (9 AM-12PM) , walk dogs on the AAS field and play with dogs in play parks. Demonstrate the ability to safely harness, walk, and interact with dogs, demonstrate the ability to follow directions, and demonstrate genuine care/concern for the dogs’ well-being. After you have completed your 16 hour probation period you will be permitted to visit your dog any time from sun-up to sun-set.

Note: You must be 18 years or older to volunteer for this opportunity.

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Photography / Videography

* Currently looking specifically for photographers with availability M-F.

Animal Aid Society is looking for professional photographers to take photos of our adoptable dogs,candid photos of volunteers interacting with dogs, & social media branding photos. High quality / high resolution photos make a world of difference in helping a dog get adopted!

We also need photographers that have flexibility /availability during the week & weekends to take our adoption photos! Capturing the memories between a shelter dog & their new family on their way home is incredibly special moment for everyone involved and a memory that we want to capture in a beautiful photograph when possible

When beginning you will be required to volunteer during normal operating hours, between 9 AM - 12 PM with a senior volunteer. After you have volunteered for a minimum of 16 hrs, you will have the option to come in outside of normal operating hours.

*Please note you must have your own DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Please visit us at AAS Dropbox Sample Media to see examples of the quality of work we are looking for. You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Dog Walker

A waiver is signed each day you come to walk a dog. This releases us of any liability should you get scratched, injured, or have clothing soiled as a result of walking a shelter dog. A volunteer will bring the dog to you and also return the dog to its kennel at the conclusion of the walk. Dog walkers are not permitted to come inside the compound to get a dog. Do not attempt to walk your dog close to another dog that is out walking as some of the dogs do not get along with each other. You may walk around the shelter grounds or sit in the park area to visit with your furry friend. Thank you for your cooperation with our safety procedures.

Persons under the age of 18 years are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the waiver. The parent or guardian is required to supervise the walk and remain on the premises for the duration of the visit.Persons under the age of 16 years cannot walk a dog by themselves; if the parent or guardian wishes to have a second leash attached to the dog for the young child to walk together this is permissible.


Shelter Maintenance

This is the time set aside to accomplish mowing and trimming grass, weeding flower beds and the memorial garden, as well as doing other general clean up and repairs, both inside and out. This work is essential in ensuring a safe and attractive facility for our volunteers and visitors. Lots of “hands” in a few hours can accomplish a lot! We usually do maintenance on Thursday and Sunday from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m., weather permitting.

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Grant Writing

Volunteers needed to assist in non-government, foundation and corporate grant writing. This function will identify/process grant funding applications that support the mission of our organization. Ideal volunteers with have experience in grant writing and grant research. Excellent command of the English language and the ability to produce compelling, written grant applications are essential. Successful candidates will be highly motivated and self-starters. Flexible with hours per week volunteering as with the ability to volunteer from home.


Development: Donor Relations and Gift Processing

The Donor Relations and Gift Processing Volunteer will assist with a variety of projects that help fulfill fundraising needs; drafting mailings, thank you letters for corporate and individual donors; process donations; and, assist with donor database maintenance and upkeep. Flexible with hours per week volunteering as with the ability to volunteer from home.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Producing donor stewardship letters and acknowledgement materials
  • Processing donations and preparing gift reports for the Board of Directors
  • Maintaining donor data using a CRM database
  • Writing and sending personalized thank you letters to Animal Aid Society donors
  • Preparing materials for donor mailings
  • Drafting, editing, and preparing electronic monthly newsletters, custom reports, and regular Animal Aid Society service updates for corporate and individual donors
  • Assisting with general office administrative tasks related to fundraising, as well as assisting with special projects and other duties as assigned
  • Assisting with gift processing


  • Enthusiastic about philanthropy, the non-profit sector, and Animal Aid Society mission
  • Direct experience (professional or volunteer) in donor relations, fundraising, communications and/or office administrative support
  • Creative thinker that can craft stories and share data and information in unique ways that appeal to corporate and individual audiences
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Experience using CRM programs ideal, but general familiarity with online database management software a plus
  • Ability to perform basic research, including online research and using CRM databases like to generate donor data and information
  • Highly organized and can maintain attention to detail, even while coordinating multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexible self-starter and ability to work with a team of individuals to accomplish tasks under tight deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to effectively maintain the security of sensitive and confidential information

Volunteer Application