WHAT: Want a hands-on experience caring for dogs? Want to positively impact so many lives — not just the lives of dogs you help save, but also the lives of people who adopt them? Want to be a valued member of a dedicated team, and know that you’re really making a difference? THEN YOU BELONG AT ANIMAL AID!!!

Nothing’s more rewarding than helping a scared dog gain confidence, a neglected dog discover the joy of a squeak toy, or an abused dog learn that human touch feels good!

And, nothing’s more bittersweet than saying goodbye to a dog YOU helped, because you’ve made it possible for him to go home with a forever family.

Be part of the magic!

WHEN: You decide! Our shelter operates in two shifts per day: AM shift is 9am to noon, and PM shift is 3pm to 6pm.

You’d pick one shift per week (e.g., Saturday AM shift, Tuesday PM shift). That’s it — just one three-hour commitment per week, and you’ll make a world of difference in a homeless dog’s life!

WHO: Our volunteers range in age from 18-to-84. They include retirees putting their wisdom and experience to work for a great cause, military service members and students who miss their family pets, active folks who want to get their steps in, and dog-lovers who just want to love dogs! Everyone contributes however they can, and together, we create a safe, loving haven for homeless dogs.

We write letters of recommendation/certify volunteer hours for military, students, and job-seekers, and we support court-ordered service hours for traffic offenses.

Volunteer Opportunities




Dog Caretaker
As a dog caretaker, you’ll be part of a dedicated team that works together to feed our dogs, clean their runs, and meet our dogs’ social, physical, and emotional needs (we’re talking walks, playtime, and cuddles here!). Our goal is to find a loving forever home for each dog, but while the dogs wait, we want their stay at the shelter to be as safe, stress-free, and happy as possible. Dog caretakers make that happen!
Maintenance & Groundskeeping
Our shelter is over 50-years-old, our dogs are spirited… and it shows! Our maintenance and groundskeeping volunteers do everything from repairing broken gates and fences to clearing storm drains to maintaining our lawns and gardens so the dogs can run and play. No experience necessary – but it’s certainly welcome!
Events & Outreach
Help develop and coordinate events (IRL or virtual) to raise money, collect toys and goods, and spread the word about our amazing adoptable dogs! Do you like talking to people? Do you hate talking to people, but are creative and have a computer? Then the Events Committee needs YOU!


Let’s Do This!

We’re jumping with joy that you want to volunteer with Animal Aid Society. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be helping us save lives in no time!

Register with Maddie's Fund

Go to: https://www.maddiesfund.org/register.htm and create your user account with Maddie’s Fund.

Read Guidelines, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Click “I Agree” to continue.
Head over to AAS's training course

You are now logged in! Click this link: https://university.maddiesfund.org/products/animal-aid-society-volunteer-training-canine. It will take you directly to AAS’s training module. Click on the green “ENROLL (FREE!)” button to get started.

Complete the training

There are two video series with tests and an article:

Bringing a New Dog Home (approx 1hr)

Canine Body Language (approx 1hr)

Zoonosis article (about 15 mins)

As you complete the video modules, a link will appear that says “certificate available”.

Download your certificates
Once you have successfully completed the modules and read the article, please download your certificates. (Screenshots are also accepted).
Email certificates to us

Send your certificates (or screenshots) via email to: volunteer@animalaidsociety.org. You will be contacted by our orientation coordinator regarding an onsite safety training.  Pick a time that works for you and we’ll see you at the shelter!