Dogs at the Shelter the Longest

All of our dogs deserve a loving forever home, but these five have been waiting the longest. They’ve watched seasons change and friends come and go…yet they always greet us with tail wags and kisses. They never lose hope. Maybe today will finally be the day somebody says, “That’s the one!”


Arrived 3/07/2023
Female, 4.5-years-old
Hound Mix
Shy, silly, yearning for love


Arrived 11/14/2022
Male, 2-years-old
Staffordshire Mix
Snugly, fun, couch potato.


Arrived 12/14/2022
Female, 2-years-old
Staffordshire Mix
Affectionate, athletic, joyful.


Arrived 3/07/2023
Female, 3.5-years-old
Hound Mix
Patient, playful, devoted